The Golden Swarm

Tuesday 29th May 2018

Floors Castle, Kelso

After much hardwork, dedication and collaboration Kelso High School Bee Club and pupils will see their hardwork come to fruition from Tuesday 29th May when more than 1000 golden clay bees will swarm at Floors Castle.  Find out more here.

Stalwart Beekeepers Praised

Three prominent members of the Border Beekeepers Association were recognised recently for their most valuable contributions to beekeeping over the years.  Liz and Kevin Howell were presented with the Scottish Beekeepers Association Local Award in recognition of their exceptional services to beekeeping and the Border Beekeepers Association.  Norman Jarvis, a well-known face within beekeeping and who was also a recipient of the SBA Local Award last year, was presented with a unique stain glass plaque on behalf of the members of the Border Beekeepers Association as a token of their gratitutde for his expertise, advice and guidance over many many years.